About Us

BEKIWI is a New Zealand based Fun & Adventure apparel brand that launched in September of 2018. All BEKIWI Apparel are sold exclusively online to provide the best possible experience to its customers.

The BEKIWI Brand was created to bring the culture and style of New Zealand to the World. We challenge ourselves everyday to bring the most comfortable and fashionable apparel that you can wear in any occasion and help forge some of the legendary, fun and adventurous memories of your life. We want all adventure seekers to push boundaries and do it comfortably in style with our Apparel.

BEKIWI is a young company, learning everyday and with every product launch. We are constantly developing and finding new ways we can get our apparel manufactured to the most premium quality. We also thrive on delivering the best products we can with the least impact on the environment as possible.  

 We appreciate all our Customers, Welcome to the BEKIWI Family.